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Update August, 2019

Just a quick update about inventory and what’s in development. KTK-01, TD .010 mounts are back in stock. KTK-09 TD .09 mounts will be done in a few days. Recently, I released KTK-11 a high compression .049 head for turbo glow plugs. Today I’ve added , KTK-13 which is a mild upgrade turbo plug head for the G-Mark .03.

Designs in testing are high compression turbo plug heads for Cox .09 (.074) and NV/Norvel .074. Prototype parts which should be ready for testing soon include radial mounts for Norvel .049/.061 and .074. I’m still working through production tooling for precision needle valve assemblies for Cox TD.049 and universal spray bar type.

There are many product ideas in mind, but I’m always open to suggestions.

Thank you to all who have purchased parts!


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